Panasonic zastřihovač ER-GC53-K503
Kód: 11-HAZCPAGC53050

Panasonic zastřihovač ER-GC53-K503

Kód: 11-HAZCPAGC53050
Jednoduché, lehké a velmi přesné zastřižení.
1 099 Kč

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Gives you the precision to create the style you want

Using different attachments and settings lets you easily change your look. Go for a neat and refined appearance or a more rugged, casual look.

Precision cutting with a sharp 45° edges

Sharp 45° blades cut neatly through even the most unruly hair, including whiskers that lie flat on the skin.

Easy and versatile with precise length adjustment

You can easily adjust cutting length between 0.5 and 10 mm. Ready for everything from heavy-duty cutting to a quick touch-up.

Quick adjust dial for easy 20 length settings*

Adjustable dial has 20 settings from 0.5*- 10 mm with intervals of 0.5 mm for easy trimming of hair to the desired length. *Cutting to 0.5 mm is possible when not using an attachment

Easy-to-hold ergonomic design

The ergonomic design features a curved, easy-to-hold handle.